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Profile & History

SE-IL is a Korea-owned and Korean-based international trading company which has demonstrated its skill and stability through 30 years of healthy and continuous growth. The company's wide experience in the import and export of industrial raw materials has been built and maintained by the meticulous care with which it approaches, creates and maintains its three interlocking areas of expertise.

The first requirement of SE-IL's traders is that they should know their markets. Each industry's ever-changing needs and priorities must be constantly monitored and accurately predicted. This can only be achieved after the investment of time and travel to meet with their market and really understand their customer's needs from their customer's perspective.

The second requirement is a thorough knowledge of each and every source of supply. A SE-IL trader will devote enormous time and effort to studying a supplier's industry and visiting a supplier's premises. No technical development or variation will go unnoticed or unapprised. No innovation will be accepted or recommended until it has proven its value.

The third requirement is perhaps SE-IL's most critical. The company has the expertise and infrastructure to tailor every transaction to the demands of time and circumstances. The method and scheduling of transportation, the style and implementation of funding, the requirements of import-export legislation, the critical path of the international currency exchange rates, all are co-ordinated into a transaction whereby the client receives the best materials at the right time at the best price.

세일인더스트리얼(株) 設立, 資本金 五千萬원
Engineering Plastic 製造 및 販賣
酸Tank 製造 및 販賣
代表理事 남상원 就任
1993/08 本店移轉 (서울市 衿川區 始興洞 984番地)
代表理事 정동철 就任
1993/10 貿易業(甲類) 登錄 (No.11103240)
1994/08 本店移轉 (서울市 江南區 大峙洞 913-12番地)
1996/11 第33回 貿易의 날 一百萬弗 輸出 達成
貿易協會 會長賞 受賞
2000/12 二百萬弗 輸出 達成
2002/07 資本金 一億원으로 增加
2003/12 二百六十萬弗 輸出 達成
2004/07 本店移轉 (서울市 江南區 大峙洞 913-16番地)
2004/12 三百八十萬弗 輸出 達成
2005/03 (株)세일인더스트리얼로 商號 變更
2005/12 四百二十萬弗 輸出 達成
2007/10 本店移轉 (서울市 江南區 道谷洞 953-1番地)
2007/11 第44回 貿易의 날 五百萬弗 輸出의 塔 受賞 受賞
2007/12 七百萬弗 輸出 達成 (韓國貿易協會 輸出入 實績 統計)
2008/12 八百二十萬弗 輸出 達成 (韓國貿易協會 輸出入 實績 統計)
2017/04 本店移轉 (서울市 瑞草區 瑞草洞 1446-11番地)